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Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge

Alltag mit E

Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge

Alltag mit E

ClientVW Nutzfahrzeuge



CameraSeverin Strauss

Electric mobility is being prejudged like no other new technology. Especially when it comes to demanding tasks for commercial vehicles. To clear up with these out-dated opinions, we produced with VIRUS-director Maximilian Kempe a series of spots for Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge. With eight further TrueView Ads we show the strengths electrified commercial vehicles.

Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge - Arbeitstier

Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge - Fahrdynamik

Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge - Anhängelast

Morning routine

With the right crew it dosen't matter if you shoot in Capetown, Budapest or Lisbon: we will be up early for you! ;-)

Good relations

Knowledge comes with experience. So when shooing in a different country you would do well to find a perfect partner with a longstanding track record. Done. Again.


No job too big. No job too small.

Some tasks need bigger toys. Tim Taylor knows. We also know how to use the right tool for each job, whether it's a small car-to-car shoot or something way bigger. [Now Playing: TimTaylerGrunt.mp3]