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Virus Goes Green

Virus Goes Green





We want to be a part of the movement towards a more sustainable, cleaner and better future. Right now we are far away from where we would like to be. However, we have already made some progress towards cutting back on waste. And we’re constantly thinking of ways to reduce our footprint on the ecosystem even further.


We don't just focus on VEGETARIAN CATERING at our film sets, we also use REUSABLE CUPS and forgo individually wrapped snacks. Instead of paper business cards we use DIGTAL NFC vCARDS. When we need to get somewhere we happily choose TRAIN connections or ELECTRIC VEHICLES, which we charge at our own CHARGING STATION. If we have to fly, we COMPENSATE our CO2 emissions by the non-profit organization Atmosfair. Our offices are powered with 100% RENEWABLE ENERGY. Additionally, we offer REMOTE edit approvals and color grading. So even the agency and the client can participate in reducing CO2.


VIRUS is not stopping here. We aim to get even better in the future. And we are convinced that constantly improving the little things in our daily business will contribute even more to a better future. If it's using a MOBILE WATER DISPENSER at the film set, using RECUP for the routine lunch coffee or the INSECT HOTEL on our premises to team up with mother nature. Every step counts. Let us know your own ideas to achieve this goal together.