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Gina Tricot

Fashion Week Berlin

Gina Tricot

Fashion Week Berlin

Directing CameraVIRUS

AgencyNicole Weber

ClientGina Tricot

We joined three succesfull fashion bloggers on their way from one event to the other. In the end they all came together at a great dinner hosted by swedish brand Gina Tricot. Thanks to Designdschungel, Aylin König and Nina Süss for including Max in your daily routine.

Was that you?

...was asked by almost everyone who follows these fashionistas on Instagram when they watched their stories. Yes, it was Max with his camera. He drove taxi with the girls, he joined them at dinner and he almost followed them everywhere like a shadow. That's what you call the thin line between a professional and a stalker :)

Follow them by the way: @designdschungel @aylin_koenig @ninasuess

Travelling with a Transporter

Travelling with a transporter or heavy loaded station wagon has always potential of getting you in trouble. Especially when there are two bearded guys on the front seats.

Luckily we got rid of the illegal immigrants and drugs before we drove off to Hamburg and the officers were pretty polite and interested in our camera and photography gear.