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Genius Playground


Genius Playground

DirectorJustus Becker

CameraLuke Jacobs

AgencyWe love Art Buying


Five different creative or sportive influencers, an abandoned warehouse complex and an awesome DoP with an Alexa Mövi Setup: Let’s go!

The spot was used to advertise the Huawei Nova mobile phone and we shot additional portrait clips for every talent.

Huawai Portrait - Alex Schauer

Huawai Portrait - Denny Pham

Huawai Portrait - Lukas Irmler

Huawai Portrait - Juliane Wurm


Every individual had to have his own signature color which played a big role in the later edit. For example Danny hat an overall red theme, while Lukas' scenes had the prominent elements colored in yellow.

The location offered everything we needed to make this spot work. A garage like skate spot, roofs for parcour, walls for graffiti or pillars to climb on.


The camera setup had to be as flexible as the athletes. We had follow shots for skating, reveals and other complex camera movements that could only be realized with a good gimbal opperator.

Luke Jacobs joined us from the UK and had no problem in delivering the shots that Justus wanted to have for this film.