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Parkside Tutorials


Parkside Tutorials




Art DirectionMalte Nietsche

„Aurgh, Aurgh, Aurgh“ is what think to hear when we are sitting once again in the film studio to shoot one more episode for the LIDL Parkside Tools YouTube tutorial series. Tim Taylor would proud of us. Together with VMLY&R Commerce we started to produce several episodes for the LIDL longterm campaign over a year ago. Until now we produced over 18 tutorials and more are on their way. Do you want to know how to build a BBQ wagon for your backyard or how to use an angle grinder? Have a look!

LIDL Parkside - Spielkiste

LIDL Parkside - Winkelbohrschrauber

The Studios

The challenge was to create high-quality content without losing the typical tutorial character of a YouTube creator channel. On limited space at the Woodland Studios next to Hamburg experienced set designers, specialized craftsmen for film sets and a great film crew made the vision come to reality, showing products and clear out the benefits of using them within an entertaining and rich format. Our common effort made it possible to streamline our thoughts into a conceptional workshop which is adaptable to all sorts of home improvement tools and DYI tutorials.

The Effort

As a matter of course team play came into effect when we started the first preparations for this film. With the support and expertise from real craftsmen and our in-house directing DPs in close collaboration with the creatives form VMLY&R, we were able to bring the perfect illusion of a real workshop to life.

The Team

Our in-house directing DPs were working right from the bat on the visual language to the last finishing processes. With two cameras the team highlights the most important steps of building your own furniture or shows various products features. The journey has been going on for a while now and we’re not done yet.