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Seed17 Academy

Future & Sustainability

Seed17 Academy

Future & Sustainability

Visual ConceptVIRUS

DirectorRobert Maciejewski

Art DirectionMax Hirsch


Education and mindset are the levers for shaping change. And to do so, we need all forces. That is why the SEED17.academy was founded: A digital, video-based learning platform on which content on the topic of the future & sustainability is taught in an application-oriented way. We are thrilled we passed the finish line at this gorgeous journey to develop and create eight episodes which will introduce the recipient to key sustainability topics and give them a deep dive into specific ones. Seven months passed since we first sat down with Seed17 to work closely from the very scratch. And now we feel like a family which gave birth to our precious child. We are both touched and proud in the same time.

The Team

As is always the case, a production is only as good as the team behind it. In this case, however, that was particularly true. Given the complexity of the content, it was all the more important that every single team member knew exactly what to do at all times. This was the only way that the processes could mesh together like a smoothly running gearbox and ultimately help us to complete the workload. Everyone worked hand in hand with full concentration. From the director, the camera and lighting team, the set dressing to the styling and the runners. Based on a plan that was worked out down to the last detail together with the assistant director.

The Approach

More than 13 different film sets on five days of shooting for over 40 minutes of visually appealing film. That was the challenge we faced. We developed an ingenious system consisting of a three-part set, which we equipped and lit in a smart and elegant way so that we could jump from set to set in a matter of moments. Coupled with comprehensive lists for content, props, lighting setups, costumes and camera angles, we were able to film as much material as possible in the shortest possible time.