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Your Brand

Better Call VIRUS

Your Brand

Better Call VIRUS

ClientYour Brand


DirectorRobert Maciejewski

EditBo Ismono

GradingBenjamin Behre

Visual EffectsAlena Salgueiro

On our own behalf: we love storytelling. And we love commercials. But without your product, it’s only half the story and half the commercial. So give VIRUS a call and add your product to make this project whole again. Special thanks to our brothers and sisters from Markenfilm Crossing, Harbour, Everest, Underpreassure and OZM. Much love!

Day and Night

Your VIRUS team is there for you. Whether during the day or at night, always on the lookout for the most atmospheric picture. For this Spec, the VIRUS friends and family got together to create a dynamic and visually appealing spot.