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Hamburg Marketing GmbH

Hamburg Imagefilm

Hamburg Marketing GmbH

Hamburg Imagefilm


Creative DirectorTimm Weber

DirectorDavid Aufdembrinke

Production / PostVIRUS

We love our city. So we were all the more proud to produce the new image film for the Hamburg Marketing team. Under the direction of our in-house creative director Timm and director David, we embarked on a colorful and exciting journey through the city to portray Hamburg exactly as it is: the most beautiful city in the world <3 And that’s a truth!

Every corner

This city is incredibly diverse. So we made our way to the different and most exciting corners of the city. Whether at the Airbus airfield, the famous Reeperbahn nightlife district, the DESY particle accelerator or the breathtaking Miniatur Wunderland. The places we visited were as colorful as life itself.

Agile and fast

In order to create the most beautiful and varied collage we could imagine, we had to be extremely flexible and quick to adapt to constantly changing production conditions. In the style of VIRUS. This was not only an exciting challenge, but also great fun.