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Julian Wassermann ft. Yates


Julian Wassermann ft. Yates




Colour GradingInfected Digital

ClientWarner Music

Warner Music approached us with a new song by Julian Wassermann, an upcoming house Dj, who teamed up with Yates and produced a great song named „Guard“. We developed a story with the right amount of depth and brought an emotional father and son relationship to life.

The extra hour jobs

It's always a challenge to realize jobs like this while working on commercials on a daily basis. We always support passion projects, which aren't meant to make anyone rich in any way. But this fact comes with some special conditions, that make anyone's days longer and tougher for the time of production.

To make videos like this happen, they must not interfere with our daily business. Jonas, Robert and Lars did a great job avoiding that by focusing on the major production steps right from the beginning and planning casting, recce's and pick ups in the blank spots of our job calender.

Same goes for the edit, which was basically finished after three days and thanks to Sönke Heuer at Infected, the film got the colours it deserved.

Getting the most out of it

Music videos aren't famous for huge budgets, so we had to do some compromising. But we were able to limit these compromises to an almost irrelevant amount. Thanks to the great team, who put in so much effort to make it all happen. It all started with a great script by our director Jonas and with some planning and creative exchange between our DoP Robert and Creative Producer Max, we came up with locations, cast and manageable workload to fit the conditions of the job.

Friederike Seybold and her assistent Patricia did an awesome job prepping the apartment, Antonia Evers made sure of enough sweat and great looks for the talents, Simon Großer made the most out of our budget lighting and our producer Lars coordinated everything perfectly on time.

Big thanks to the crew!

Joke's on you, April

April comes with many surprises. We startet our first shooting day with bright sunlight, walked through heavy rain at lunchtime, shot while snowing in the afternoon, enjoyed some rays of sunlight and drove home in heavy rain in the evening.

On the brightside that didn't really have an impact on the storyline, because the dark weather was quite helpfull for the overall mood of the exterior shots.

We tried our best to keep the European country of origin anonymous. What's your guess?