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Short Film

No Fear

Short Film

No Fear

DirectorKristina Lipatov

CameraDaniel Obradovic

SteadicamJohannes Ziegler

Colour GradingMarina Starke

MusicGinger Berlin

EditYannis Panther

We produced a short film about the growing connection of two brothers. While one is living his life without concerns, the other one is longing for love and affection. By approaching each other, both siblings find comfort in each other’s presence and become family.

A passion project

As you may know, we are a production company that tries to find the balance between commercial jobs and creative passion projects. Of course we mainly do commercial jobs, but from time to time we need to break the chains and shoot some independent projects.

In this case, our trainee Kristina approached us with this great script and carefully asked for support. She already had two amazing talents on hand and a pretty precise idea of the film in total. Long story short: We loved it, we supported it, we shot it and submitted it to several festivals. We let her do the directing and made use of our network of industry creatives to put together a crew.

Joined Forces

Everyone involved put the maximum effort into succeeding with realizing the content of this vast shot list.

Our apartment location was basically empty and abandoned in the beginning. Jan Christoph Scheurer and Nikolas Altmannsberger crafted the perfect home for our protagonists and brought the place to life. Our DoP Daniel did an awesome job and made everything look cinematic and pretty. The Cooke Anamorphic lenses for our RED camera were also a great choice. Julia May-Yen Wu gathered the perfect styling, Maike Albeck took care of Hair & Make-Up, Johannes Ziegler moved his steadicam around the narrow corridors with ease and Barton Kirchmann teamed up with Woodland Studios to bring light to the darkness. Everyone teamed up to make Kristina's vision reality the effort was definitely worth it.

I know him from Instagram

This project was a great example for the important role that a social media platform like Instagram plays today. Our director was extremely well conntected and we created a lot of social media buzz with the coverage of this shoot. A big credit for that goes to our friend Valentin Ammon, who took some awesome photos in the meantime.

It also showed the irrelevance of Facebook and the major role that Instagram plays for the popularity of media projects in general. This production was filled with people who posted several instastories on a daily basis, which resulted in a major significance for our production channel over the period of this project. Through the sheer number of posts from different accounts, we outmaneuvered the Instagram algorithms and gained another mediareach for the time of the production.