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Joico / Henkel

Joico InnerJoi

Joico / Henkel

Joico InnerJoi


DirectorLuis Arndt

PhotographerRobert Maciejewski

Art DirectionMichaela Hilchenbach

True beauty comes from within. But sometimes it’s also great to have beautiful hair. To give the InnerJoi brand a turbo start on the German market, we have created a whole kit of different social first assets directly for Henkel: from various product photos to a comprehensive set of social media clips. Nothing stands in the way of beautiful hair anymore.

240214_Joico_Hydrate_Webseite_002_1 1

240214_Joico_Application_Webseite_003_1 1

240214_Joico_Strenghten_Webseite_004_1 1

Bundling creative forces

To round off the package, we created over 40 product photos in addition to several social media assets to give Henkel the maximum toolbox that the budget allowed. Creative development, moving images and product photos. Everything from a single creative source with a central point of contact.