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LichtBlick SE


LichtBlick SE


ClientLichtBlick SE

DirectorMalte Goy

AgencyWE LOVE artbuying

Art DirectionNeele Eggers

Finally there is a company that promotes something really important: nothing. Nothing of CO2. It’s time to switch to green energy and we are proud that we had the chance to produce this beautiful and funny TV ads together with director Malte for LichtBlick.

LichtBlick Nichts - Familie

LichtBlick Nichts - Unternehmen

LichtBlick Nichts - Politik

LichtBlick Nichts - Fussball

Behind the Scenes

We had a blast filming this lovely ads for a really great brand: LichtBlick. Working with such a great team was a pleasure. Five short stories shot in two days at the Millerntor-Stadion, home of the infamous FC St. Pauli, Germanys "Kult" football club, with a lot of awesome work from the art department.