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Erste Bank und Sparkasse


Erste Bank und Sparkasse


ClientErste Bank


AgencyJung von Matt Donau

Motion Art DirectorAlena Salgueiro

Imagine your bank is „cool“ now and tries to keep pace with Gen Z. Some would say this has poor prospects of success. With this spot for Erste Bank und Sparkasse Austria we show, how it shouldn’t be done. With modern services you don’t have to pretend being modern.

spark7 - ASMR

spark7 - Emojis

spark7 - Fashion

spark7 - 20 Euro Bonus


We worked closely with the Woodland Studios in Wedel to get most out of the shooting time we had. We created multiple sets and moved the camera around to switch settings as fast as possible. Together with cool art direction we crafted a consistent color scheme that matched the color guidelines of the brand.


Every new set required a new costume for our protagonist: A superhero, a game character, a cool gangster rapper, a real beauty and many more …. Like a real costume party. But with just one guest invited.


Not a single shot was left without some motion design, while figuring out how to get a nine by sixteen Social Media User Interface into a sixteen by nine frame without looking artificial. In the end over 25 custom versions were made for different platforms and usage. All in-time.