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Mojo Store

Mojo x Xuli

Mojo Store

Mojo x Xuli


ClientMojo Store

The Mojo Store teamed up with the fabulous artist and designer Jana Federov aka Xuli to publish an exclusive signature edition: handpainted and limited. As we love uniqueness we were thrilled to shoot this social media first project.

Mojo Social Media

The Mood

We see every project as an opportunity to get the most out of interesting ideas. The goal was to create films that not only promote the release of the collection, but also underline Xulis indistinguishable style. With this in mind, we created the mood, that suits her personality. Adding a meta-level gave us the opportunity to experiment with the topic. Parts of the set came to life with stop-motion techniques.

More for less

This production is a great example how you can get the most out of small crews and resources. We gave a lot of thoughts on preparation. Then we focused on a simple but unique lighting and camera setup. This approach gave us the possibility to move quickly and stay efficient.

The Location

Releasing handpainted apparel has a long tradition at the Mojo Store. Right from the bat we knew that this would be the main theme. To achieve a special look we used stands and arms with mounted brushes to support the urban look. The “Erste Liebe Studios” with its concrete floor and wide space made a perfect fit for this project.