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Cosmos Direkt

Smartphone Love

Cosmos Direkt

Smartphone Love

ClientCosmos Direkt

Directing CameraRobert Maciejewski (VIRUS)

AgencyLeagas Delaney

MusicCalifornia Music

Love is colorful and knows no boundaries. And sometimes you really enjoy a very special little thing in your life. Take care of this faithful companion. And if however something happens, there is a solution. Look by yourself.

Cosmos Direkt - Smartphone Love - Bumper 01

Cosmos Direkt - Smartphone Love - Bumper 02

Cosmos Direkt - Smartphone Love - Bumper 03

Cosmos Direkt - Smartphone Love - Bumper 04


For this project we've created a nice POV look by developing a special custom made rig consisting of the new mirrorless camera Sigma fp and several very unique 3D printed parts. The result was a super lightweight and small full frame camera setup combined with best raw data recording quality.


From left to right: Michael (Cosmos Direkt), Joey (Joey's Jungle), Skeleton (Graveyard), Robert (VIRUS), Denis (VIRUS), Pete (Leagas Delaney), Daniel (Gatzke Media) - Most of them are smartphone owners. And one doesn't stick to the rules. Guess who.



[Photo description blocked due to adult content]