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North West Jacket


North West Jacket


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Our friends at Cleptomanicx developed an awesome rain jacket and asked us to participate in spreading the word. So we did!

Make it rain

The North West Jacket is a great product. But it's not a winter jacket. So big up to Tjark Thielker for standing in the middle of our fake rain at -2 degrees. Overall we tried to shoot a product film which doesn't scream "HAMBURG" right away. As a result we shot in dark backyards and parts of town which couldn't be unmasked at first sight.

Thank you, Zeiss

To achieve the look we wanted, we used Zeiss Superspeed lenses on our RED Scarlet-W and thanks to an awesome Colour Grading by Akim Trüller it all came together pretty neat! Also thanks to our friends over at AVT+ Media Service for getting the lenses.