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Directing CameraVIRUS

AgencyJung von Matt


MusicNot a Machine

The whole spot was for the creative contest „Die Klappe“. Two young creatives at JvM came up with the idea for the Parookaville Shoe Collection and asked us for support.

The Set

We wanted the spot to be shot in a POV perspective which wasn't that easy in combination with the trick shots. We had to lock the camera at the right point to match it with the next take, so we used a dolly with an F7 head in front of our guy Eddy, who lent his hands for this spot. Matching the end of one shot with the beginning of the next one meant that everything had to look exactly the same. We had to be really careful with not moving things and it took ages to collect all the tiny parts to reshoot a take. But it was worth it.

We made a mess

Throwing things around, breaking and burning stuff. That was fun! The downside was, that we always had to think twice about every step. Once the mess was done, it was pretty time consuming to reset everything.

Thanks to Lisa Hadeler who made this possible and to everyone else involved. Woodland Studios built an amazing set for this clip and every one put his/her passion in it. And in the end the film won gold at the "Die Klappe" contest.