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Alles vom Deinsten


Alles vom Deinsten



AgencyJung von Matt


One cold morning in January our big sister Markenfilm came over and asked us if we would like to support them producing some social ads within their TVC production for Wayfair. Now it’s March, and we say „thank you for the great teamwork“. Equipped with our own camera gear one of our in-house Directing DoPs shot several short social media pre-rolls shoulder to shoulder with the main unit, which now accompany the national TV campaign. To round it up we integrated our edit process seamlessly into the main workflow.

Wayfair - Friends - Outdoor

Wayfair - Friends - Livingroom

Wayfair - Behind the Scenes


Most of the time our in-house Directors and Directing DoPs are working exclusively at VIRUS productions. But sometimes it's about finding a fast and flexible solution for your family. And we like to work with all the lovely people from the Markenfilm Group. Therefore clients can hire our creatives directly at VIRUS for a 360 production or through other companies to take care about the social media part as a sidecar.