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Sons of Sallos – DC


Sons of Sallos – DC

ClientKatjes / Sallos

DirectorLaura Russ / Anton Schenk

AgencyAntoni Jellyhouse

Service & Post VIRUS

The Hamburger Goldkehlchen are back. Watch them challenge hard in the merciless SALLOS licorice league. Together with our friends from Markenfilm Berlin, we created numerous – well … let’s say „catchy“ – web clips for Antoni Jellyhouse and Germany’s wackiest licorice candy brand, with the weirdest male choir in Germany. You might want to look away. But you wont’t be able to.

Sallos - Rodeo

Sallos - Rugby

Sallos - Slide


Two film units working in parallel. Ten hours in the blazing sun. Fifteen snappy films to shoot. Twenty chilled cases of beer. Thirty degrees in the shade. Forty crazy guys in front of the lens. And zero boring minutes. That's how the shooting day for Sallos can be summed up.