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Yamaha Audio

Sound that connects

Yamaha Audio

Sound that connects




ClientYamaha Audio

Merry Christmas! Why not buy your loved ones some awesome speakers made by Yamaha Audio? With a nice and humorous family theme we shot several films ranging from 6sec Bumper Ads to a 40sec Online Film.

YAMAHA - Dance like nobody is watching

YAMAHA - Entertainment

YAMAHA - Wake Up Call

YAMAHA - Family Call

Happy Family

For this shoot we rented a house which fit our needs just right. That was much easier than prepping every room from scratch. The production had some variables with the potential to cost much time (dog, kids), but everything worked out fine. The cast did an awesome job and filled the house with life.

Doggo Doggo

We loved working with the Filmpfoten crew and their trained dog Tomtom. He managed every task with ease and was the perfect addition to the family. Filmpfoten also brought another trained dog and domestic pig Frida Fröhlich to set, which resulted in a lunch break filled with endless "ooooohs" and "oh my gods" .

Behind the Scenes

Lukas and Patrick of Weyoung shot the film on our RED Scarlet and Kowa anamorphic lenses. Unfortunately the client didn't want the films to be in a cinemascope aspect ratio, so we had to finalize the films in 16:9.