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E wie Einfach Strom

Strom sparen leicht gemacht!

E wie Einfach Strom

Strom sparen leicht gemacht!


AgencyPhilipp und Keuntje


ClientE wie Einfach // Eon

Our task was to develop three different clips under the theme of saving electricity. In an obscure way. These clips went pretty viral and were used for TV, Youtube, Instagram and of course the E wie Einfach landing page.

E wie Einfach - Der Leselicht-Sparer

E wie Einfach - Foehn dich selbst

We know, it's weird..

...but that was the idea! It's always great to work with a client who wants to take risks. E wie Einfach was always open for ideas out of the ordinary, so we made it happen. There's the "Fusselroller" who tries to save energy by replacing his vacuum cleaner, the woman who doesn't want to use her hairdryer or the "Leselichtsparer" who tries to read his books in the spotlight of passing cars outside.

Behind the scenes

We built three different sets at Cinegate studios and established a nice mixture of minimalism through wall stickers and authenticity through furniture which matched the respective personality of the cast. We also did a lot of different playouts and formats for instagram and facebook ranging from 6 to 20 seconds.

Crew love is true love

Thanks to Cinegate Studios for the studio, Woodland Studios for Lighting, Peer Münster and Ferdinand Rasz for producing, Michaela Hilchenbach for decor and styling and thanks to our friends Lukas and Patrick (Weyoung) who always keep it classy.