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E wie Einfach

Weihnachten geht auf uns

E wie Einfach

Weihnachten geht auf uns


CameraMalte Goy

AgencyPhilipp und Keuntje

ClientE wie Einfach / Eon

E wie Einfach was giving bio christmas trees to people who closed a deal with the electricity supplier before christmas. We produced several clips to advertise this campaign. Ranging from TV spots to 6 second bumper ads.





Making Of

Special thanks to Arthur Baum for this Making Of. And thanks to the whole crew for the amazing job.

Woodland Studios for the set and lighting, Michaela Hilchenbach for Styling and fittings, Filmtier-Zentrale for the dog scenes, Malte for the pretty shots and our great cast for bringing these ideas to life!