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Timo Blunck

Hatten wir nicht mal Sex in den 80ern?

Timo Blunck

Hatten wir nicht mal Sex in den 80ern?


CameraNeels Feil

Color GradingInfected Post

ClientTapete Records

Timo Blunck approached us with this great song of his and we immediately had the right visuals in our heads. This video was released with his latest book with the same title.

Set Design

The set had to be in an all 80s theme without being too high over budget. We had to improvise with a kind of dream like memory of how the respective location looked like back then. The song is about his memories of the 80s anyways, so this worked out perfectly fine.

We shot all the memories in two of the Woodland studios and had only one other location in the bar Kleines Phi in Hamburg St. Pauli. That's where Timo sees the woman who triggers his dream-like journey through his past.

Like Father Like Son

Timo is a special character and so is his son Elliot. They were a great team and we had a lot of fun at set and sometimes they vanished into their own little world.

A big thanks goes to Timos sister who is a professional choreographer and took care of the dancers.